Pure Fun 36 inch Kids Trampoline Review

The Pure Fun 36 inch kids trampoline is a trampoline that has been designed with an aim of giving kids a wonderful time when jumping. If you are looking for a cost-effective trampoline for your 3 to 8 year old kids to enjoy, this is the trampoline to go for. It uses elastic bungees to create a spring effect hence you can be sure of a safer suspension for your kids.

The frame is covered with a colorful padded cover that will see to it that your kids are not hurt by the bungee cords or the frames. Kids generally love bright colors hence this padded bright colored pad will make them even more excited about the trampoline when they see it. http://besttrampolinereview.net/in-ground-trampoline-reviews/

Top 5 Features of the Pure Fun 36 inch Kids Trampoline

  • It has a cushioned and ergonomically curved safety bar
  • Comes with a padded cover for to ensure safety
  • Safety cover comes in bright colors
  • Can work for kids that are up to 75 pounds
  • Uses elastic bungees to  provide the elastic effect

The cushioned and well-designed safety bar will give your kids all the balance that they need as they use the trampoline while at the same time reducing the possibility of getting injuries when they hit their heads or other body parts against the bar. The padded cover ensures that the kids are protected from the frame and the bungee cords when jumping. It comes in bright colors and can carry up to 75 pounds. The use of elastic bungees instead of the common springs reduces the risk of the kids being hurt by the springs as they jump. However, this becomes a challenge when it comes to installation.